Introductory Papermaking Workshop

Material Covered

This workshop covers the basic techniques of Western-style hand papermaking, including pulp preparation, sheetforming, couching, pressing, and drying. It includes an overview of decorative techniques, including the use of pigments, inclusions, pulp painting, layering, shaped deckles, and watermarks. Pulp additives such as sizing, retention agents, fillers, and formation aid are also covered.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for people who have never made paper before, for those who have taught themselves from books but have never had any hands-on time with an experienced papermaker, and for those who have not made paper in a long time and are looking for a general refresher course.


This workshop lasts 6 hours, consisting mostly of supervised hands-on practice interspersed with short teaching intervals as each new topic is introduced. Normally the time is split into two 3-hour segments, either on the same day with a meal break between or on two consecutive days. Each student will have his or her own work area set up for making 5×7" sheets, and will also have to opportunity to make larger sheets using the instructor's equipment. Generally, each student will go home with 30 to 60 sheets of paper, depending on how fast they work. Paper that is not dry by the end of the workshop can be taken home damp, picked up later, or shipped when dry.

Attendance is limited to 8 students, in order that all can receive adequate attention from the instructors.


Tuition for this class is $80.00 plus 13% HST for a total of $90.40 per person, including all materials. The cost of shipping finished paper is not included.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday, July 22nd 2023, from 9am to 4pm at our store in New Dundee

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