Victoria Day celebrations in New Dundee

Victoria Day (which this year is celebrated on Monday May 20th) is a big thing in New Dundee. There is a community garage sale, a pancake breakfast at the fire hall, a parade, activities all day at the Park and Community Centre, and after dusk, a fireworks display. There is a bit more information at the New Dundee Board of Trade’s web site. If you’re in the area, come out for the garage sales and stay for the fireworks! If you’re interested in seeing our shop when you stop by just say so and, time permitting, one of us can give you a little tour.

We spent most of today sorting through Lily’s toys and games to separate keepers from sellers for our garage sale. It looks like we’ll have plenty of toys to sell. Between now and then we might even have some time to find some household surplus to sell as well.

Needless to say, between sorting toys and trying to give Audrey a break on Mother’s Day, I’ve made pretty much no progress today on any of my ongoing projects.


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