The drive home from the Ottawa CBBAG fair

We have the luxury of staying with relatives while in Ottawa, so we ended up driving home Sunday (the day after the fair). Between the traffic around Toronto, Lily wanting to stop either for food or a bathroom break, and me feeling too sleepy to drive for a while, it was a long drive home. Audrey drove for a couple of hours so I could snooze for a while, but as my truck is a lot bigger than the VW Golf she usually drives, she was not enjoying the 401. It was a nice (20°C) sunny day with the A/C on the truck not working, making for a rather hot drive.

We bumped into George and Michelle Walker, also heading home from the fair, at one of our many rest stops so we sat and talked for a while, a nice respite from all that driving.

Anyway, we made it home fine around 7:30pm, got our personal belongings unpacked from the truck, and made sure we had everything ready to get Lily to school the next morning. We will unpack the merchandise from the truck and return it all to its shelves sometime today.

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