Progress on our Rural Routes auction item

The monthly auction of items to support the Rural Routes Studio Tour continues. This month’s auction features a set of three beautiful flowerpots mounted on a pine plank, from Dundee Pottery and Stained Glass.

We are still working on our item for the July auction: a soft leather-covered notebook with exposed stitching.

Notebook stitching detail

We now have the binding completed, other than trimming the ends of the thread, but we still have to finish shaping the cover and making a closure. The leather feels quite soft and the thread is very coarse, so I designed a stitching pattern that would not place two stitching holes too close to each other. This is however, pretty much inevitable for the kettle stitches that go from one section to the next and form the crossways rows at the head and foot of the spine. It is possible to stagger these holes but then it is difficult to get the stitches to come out neat and even, especially with a stiff thread like this hemp cord.

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