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Some Pix from Gaspereau

So here it is three weeks later and I’m finally posting some of my photos from my visit to the Gaspereau Press Wayzgoose. With Hallowe’en coming up many of the yards in Kentville were decorated with Pumpkin People. These are

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Acorn Squash Harvest

This weekend I harvested the acorn squash in my vegetable garden. The largest ones are about the size of a volleyball. I had planted 6 groups of three seeds each (which exhausted the entire seed packet) and kept the strongest

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Wild Blackberries

I was having a look at the creek behind our store to see how the heavy rain from the past few days had affected its level, and found a small patch of wild blackberries that were just starting to ripen.

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A simple vat for making medium-sized handmade paper

This is a vat we made several years ago when we started using moulds larger than 8½×11 inches. A local farmer sells used drums and barrels as a side business, so we purchased a 200L polyethylene drum with an integral

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Handmade book for Rural Routes online auction

Just in time for July, I have completed the handmade book which will be auctioned off to help support our studio tour. It will be up for auction through the month of July at our Tour web site’s Auction page.

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Photos from the Washi workshop

Today we held a washi workshop for a lady and her two daughters (and their dog Willow, who was not paying much attention to the proceedings). The lack of names in this post is not because I’m trying for anonymity,

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Papermaking at the Waterloo Mini Maker Faire

Our papermaking demonstration at the Waterloo Mini Maker Faire was a great success! We set up inside the Kitchener City Hall Rotunda to be ready for the opening at 10 am on Saturday, but members of the public were already

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Rural Routes Studio Tour Auction

To help fund our studio tour this year, our tour group is holding monthly online auctions of items donated by the member artists. Our turn to donate an item comes up for the July auction, so we have one month

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A Wedding Guestbook

This was a project we did about 12 years ago: a guestbook for a wedding. The overall size was about 10″ wide by 8½” high. The book was finished with a title plate pasted onto the cover (not shown), done

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Watermarks 2012 conference keepsake

For the Watermarks 2012 Conference held in Cleveland in October 2012, we made a keepsake to be included in the bundle given out to all contributors. This conference was held jointly by Friends of Dard Hunter (FDH) and the International

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