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Bookplates for the Papertrail library

In addition to about 97 books and other documents related to the Monotype machines, we also have a library of over 100 books related to papermaking, bookbinding, paper decorating, origami, typography, and printing. The Monotype books were coming with me

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Wedding Invitations

One of the jobs we occasionally do is special announcements, including wedding invitations. This spring, we did a collaborative job with a local couple who were getting married. The bride made the paper in our shop and we did the

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Thompson Press in motion

This post is a bit of a cheat; I currently can’t upload still photos (WordPress is not generating the reduced-size versions of the images), so I’m basing today’s post on a video. After getting my Thompson press in January, we

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The big monster printing press

This press is our latest acquisition. It actually came from what are now the premises of KwartzLab, the former home of Pandora Press. This machine is a Thompson-British Automatic Platen Press, weighing in at about 1525kg (3360lbs). It fills the

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Our workhorse printing press

The press we do most of our work with is a Chandler and Price 7×11 Old Style. This is a hand-fed treadle-driven letterpress. When we got the press it was set up for motor drive, had an ink fountain, but

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Our smallest printing press

Our smallest printing press is a Kelsey Excelsior 5×8 Model U tabletop press. When we got it it was suffering from fire and water damage. Most of the paint was worn off, there was rust all over, and the rubber

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