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40th Grimsby Wayzgoose, Saturday, April 28th

The Grimsby Wayzgoose will be celebrating its 40th annual event this year on Saturday, April 28th, from 9am to 5pm. This show and sale of everything Book Arts will take place at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, located at 18

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39th Grimsby Wayzgoose, April 29th 2017

On April 29th, 2017, the Grimsby Public Art Gallery in Grimsby, Ontario will host the 39th annual Wayzgoose. We’ve managed to snare a spot to sell our wares at this show. We will be selling handmade paper, marbled paper, a

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Grimsby Wayzgoose this Saturday!

This Saturday, April 25th 2015, will see the 37th annual Wayzgoose book arts fair take place at the Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery. We will have a table there, apparently in the adjacent Carnegie Commons building, where we will

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Another Wayzgoose is History

Last Saturday the 36th annual Wayzgoose was held at the Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery in Grimsby, Ontario. We were fortunate to have our sale table right next to the front door so we didn’t miss any visitors. Lily

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Last week’s time suck

Last week was March Break, and Audrey and Lily flew to Calgary to visit Granny. I took the opportunity to do a few home improvement projects (replacing a bathroom sink, putting up a knife holder in the kitchen, and installing

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Grimsby Wayzgoose Coming Up on April 26th

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery will be hosting its 36th annual Wayzgoose book arts fair this year on Saturday April 26th, from 9am to 5pm. We will be there selling our paper, marbling, and other supplies. Our friends from the

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Our contribution to the Wayzgoose Anthology

Now that the Anthology is out I can show you our contribution without spoiling the surprise. Overall it turned out nice, although I have 3 or 4 private critiques of my work. There were 135 copies of the Anthology produced,

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Wayzgoose 2013

We had great weather and a good crowd showing up, so altogether it was a wonderful day. We actually drove to Grimsby the afternoon before the show, and stayed at the Beamer Falls B&B so we could be fresh and

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Packing for Wayzgoose

This is a slightly belated post, since Wayzgoose was yesterday, but I was missing one piece of electronica and could not retrieve the photos I had. For most of what we bring, we pack it in flip-top plastic crates. We

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About that Wayzgoose poster

The poster image I attached to the announcement about the Wayzgoose in Grimsby was from a pdf file e-mailed to us with no additional information. I found the poster kind of strange, frankly. However, I have now seen the actual

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