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Preparing to cast some type

Someone has asked me to cast some type to fill out a font they already have. For reasons unknown, he has almost no capital S and is also short on capital C and T. He mailed me a sample type

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More home-made Monotype Caster parts

Someone had asked me for some parts for their Monotype Compositon Caster. Like me, he has the pump latch mechanism but he’s missing the modified pump spring rod and spacer sleeve, so he asked me to make a set for

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More bookcloth remnants

My trip to the Niagara area last month included a stop to get more assorted pieces of bookcloth. We finally got the cloth stored in our rack and have some samples for making an updated sample sheet. Those two that

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Maple Mould and Deckle Sets

This week I’m making a few of our large (8½×11″) Maple Mould and Deckle sets. We’re out of stock on them, and we might be getting an order for a few soon so I thought I should try to keep

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Fibre Beating Sticks

Last weekend, I put off making more composition matcase cases to give me time to make more of the pulp beating sticks we sell. How many I make depends on how large a piece of maple lumber I can get.

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Two days of marbling

This weekend was our Rural Routes Studio Tour, during which I was demonstrating paper marbling. I spent quite a bit of time describing what I was doing, warning people to keep out of the spatter zone, and (when there were

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Catalogue and New Products List updated

The PDF versions of our catalogue and New Products List have been updated to fix a couple of mistakes, to update the pricing for 1st cut cotton linters, and to add our new #16 needles.

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Price increase for 1st cut cotton linters pulp

We recently purchased a new lot of 1st cut cotton linters pulp and have found that the wholesale price has risen substantially since we last restocked. As a result, effective immediately, we are raising our price for this pulp to

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A new needle size

We noticed that we had a gap in our needle sizes: There was a big jump in diameter between the #17 needle (1.4mm) and the huge #15 needle (1.8mm). It may not seem like 0.4mm sounds like much but when

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Papertrail Mould and Deckle Sets

I have started a tree of pages in this site to provide some details on some of our products. This tree can be reached through the “Products” link in the menu bar of any page. From there, links within the

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