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New Product Photos: Vats and Drying System

We’ve added a couple more pages describing more of our products: Vats which can be used for sheet forming or storage Our restraint drying system, with photos of the one we use in our shop The can also be found

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Raw Fibres for Papermaking

Rather than starting from the pulp half-stuff we sell in sheet form, many papermakers want to work from the raw fibres used to make the pulp. In addition to being made into pulp, these can also be cut up as

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Updated Information on New Type

We have updated our page describing the new type we offer to include some details on characteristics and typical pricing.

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Out of stock: Sisal fibre

It took several years, but our stock of sisal fibre is now sold out. We will be looking for someplace willing to sell it to us in single bale quantities, but for now this product is out of stock. Please

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Grimsby Wayzgoose

The Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery will be holding their 38th annual Wayzgoose on April 30th, from 9am to 5pm. This gathering of book artists will take place at the Gallery and Library, including the adjacent Carnegie Commons building

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New type for letterpress now available

We have posted a list of the faces and sizes we have available for casting in our Products section.

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New Dryer Felt

We have been unable to obtain any more of the dryer felt we used to sell for use in paper drying stacks. We have a replacement material which is also spin-bonded polyester, but it has only about half the weight

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Price Increases on Some Products

Inflation once again rears its ugly head, forcing us to increase some of our product prices. I think many of our suppliers’ prices were set by the supply chain before the price of oil fell through the floor, so the

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Linen Thread

Every now and then someone asks us how thick our linen thread is, or whether it is the same as some other thread they have used. Our thread sizes are specified by two numbers separated by a slash, such as

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Endbands (Headbands)

I just added a new Page to the static content of our site showing samples of the endbands (headbands) that we sell.

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