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Making my mill more rigid

In my shop, I have a Sherline mill. Normally I have it set up like a model 5000 series, with a solid column, for rigidity and to reduce the number of adjustments that can go out of whack. Recently I

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Tramming the Mill

In order to get a good finish when milling the top surface of a part, as I will be doing to prepare matrix blanks, it is necessary that the axis of the mill spindle be perpendicular to the surface of

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A failed repair job

Many years ago I bought an auto-darkening welding helmet. This was back when they cost several hundred dollars and were only sold by serious welding shops. They hadn’t hit the hobby market yet. Nowadays similar helmets (but with much larger

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Monotype Pneumatics: Tubing repair

A previous owner of my Monotype composition caster had done a bit of a butcher job repairing a broken tube under the table. There were two soldered joints (using fittings not designed for solder joints) and two tees with capped

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Mill Column Base Conversion

Someone commented on the conversion I did on my Sherline 2000 mill to allow it to use either the 8-way column base it came with or the rigid rectangular base that comes with the 5000-series mills, so I though I

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My CNC mill

This Sherline 2000 mill is one of the main tools I use for making repair parts for printing machinery. Since I bought it I have retrofitted it with Sherline’s CNC conversion kit, using a home-made stepper driver (the gray box

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Fiat Lux

I finally got new lighting installed in my basement workshop. The old lighting was essentially two single fixtures with 60- or 100-watt-equivalent CFL bulbs in them. The new lighting is 8 dual 48″ T8 fluorescent fixtures. To be fair, that

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