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Blog (and website) more fixed

Warning: Extreme Web geek talk ahead! Well, at the time of the last post I thought I had everything on our website working again, but I was wrong. There appears to be a bug in WordPress (which has nothing to

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Blog fixed (and a cute kitten)

It has been a while since I posted to this blog, so now that our server is all updated and I have WordPress working again I have a bit of catching up to do. For now, I offer cute kitten

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Blog broken

Our blog is currently broken. You can see the summary of recent posts but individual posts and pages return server errors. We are switching to a new server, replacing Apache with OpenBSD’s httpd which is far less versatile in terms

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In case you’re wondering why I don’t answer some of your comments…

I just noticed that, once I approve someone for comments, I receive absolutely no notification of any new comments they place. So if you’ve been commenting on posts here and wondering about my silence, it’s because I didn’t realize there

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A little blogging trouble

Over the weekend my WordPress version was updated under me from 3.5.1 to  3.8 (actually the entire system was upgraded). The person who did it did not realize that I had my own code changes to reduce spam comment postings,

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A Quiet Month

I haven’t posted much this month as I’ve been too busy to spare the time for book arts work. Between preparing income tax returns (due in a week or so here and not yet completed), the Easter long weekend, spring

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Animated GIFs and WordPress

A while ago I tried to upload an animated GIF to this blog, and found that the upload would fail with an excessively vague error. This seemed to be related to the upload being an animated GIF. I searched for

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Papertrail Mould and Deckle Sets

I have started a tree of pages in this site to provide some details on some of our products. This tree can be reached through the “Products” link in the menu bar of any page. From there, links within the

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Public comments are now enabled

I’ve just changed our blog settings to allow anyone to comment on new postings. I hope I won’t be creating myself too much of a spam problem by doing so. I also issued a direct command to MySQL to enable

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A little more blog reorganization

The Categories list that appeared to the right of the posts was quite long so I have removed it from the sidebar and instead placed it on its own page, with a menu item to get to it. I may

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