Month: October 2014

A Busy Day on the Road

I spent last Thursday traveling around the Niagara area and south of Hamilton, doing various book arts things. My first stop was the Annual General Meeting of the Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper Museum in Queenston. This group has been having

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Steaming Mulberry Stems

It seems that last year’s intent to steam the bark off our mulberry stems for making paper did not amount to any action. There are some things that just don’t happen if all you plan is to do it when

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The local Maker Club

Aside from my peripheral involvement at KwartzLab, I have also recently been going to meetings of the local Maker Club with Lily. These meetings are held regularly at THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener on the second Wednesday of each month, but

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Refurbishing the Sigwalt Press

The Sigwalt press we recently bought was dirty, the paint was chipped and worn thin in places, and there were a few spots of rust as well. It also had no roller trucks and the gripper spring was bent out

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